Emily and the plastic journey – Caroline Korteweg


For parents to read to their kids and for kids to get lost in. A colorful book full of adventure, animals, a fairy and friendship. ‘Emily and the plastic journey’ tells the story of ten-year-old Emily who is out on a walk with her dog Bear on a Wednesday afternoon after school. She has been grounded, is angry with her mom and decides to do exactly the opposite of what she was always taught: instead of throwing her plastic rappers in the trash can, she leaves them behind on a bench. However, Emily doesn’t get away with that! She gets caught by Cora the fairy, who decides to take Emily and Bear on an adventure. Whilst snorkeling above the coral reefs of Bali and whilst walking the beaches of South-Africa, Cora tells them all about plastic and what happens if we don’t dispose of it properly. They save a turtle, work together with the neighborhood kids to clean up a big pile of trash on the beach and marvel at all the beauty and wonders of this world.

An upbeat, positive and adventurous book with beautiful illustrations about a girl that learns that we need to take good care of Mother Nature, especially considering she takes such good care of us.